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We've teamed up with the ever-so talented supper club host and cook, Kathy Slack, who writes the blog Gluts and Gluttony, to bring you 3 delicious recipes with honey right at their heart.

Kathy says: "This crunchy granola is quite grown up in taste: nutty and dark rather than sickly sweet like shop bought versions. Best not to meddle with the honey/oil/oat mix but the rest is up for grabs – for example, switch out hazelnuts for cashews or figs for apricots as you prefer."


150g runny honey (Bees & Co. clear honey is ideal)

80ml sunflower oil

275g jumbo oats

50g sultana

100g dried figs, chopped

40g almonds, roughly chopped

40g hazelnuts, roughly chopped

40g pumpkin seeds

40g sunflower seeds

40g sesame seeds

40g linseed

Makes roughly 10 portions.



Preheat the oven to 180oC.

Pour the honey and sunflower oil into a small saucepan and heat gently until the honey has melted enough for you to whisk it into the oil.

Put the oats in a large roasting tin. Pour the honey and oil mixture over the oats, stir it all together then spread them out so the oats are in a thin layer. You want to make sure all the oats are well covered in oil and not piled high.

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes, stirring half way so that all the oats are evenly golden brown.

Allow to cool for 10 minutes then add all the other ingredients to the roasting pan and combine. Leave to cool completely before transferring to in an airtight container. The granola will keep for up to 2 weeks, but you’ll have eaten it all long before then.

Serve with fruit and yogurt topped with a drizzle of honey.

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