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Many modern honeys are blended; a mixture of EU and non EU honeys, which are most often then also pasteurised to be sold into supermarkets.

The result is a mixed product, impossible for patrons to discern where the honey is from and robbed of its myriad natural health properties.

It's a very easy way of producing honey - buying random vats of honey from any beekeeper willing to sell it, mixing it together and jarring it.

However, it's not something that Bees & Co. believe in. We are ethical, artisan bee masters, passionate about preserving the ancient art of beekeeping and honey harvesting, taking great attention to detail, quality and taste.

Without compromise or regard to cost, Bees & Co. products are renowned for being of the finest quality. Each of our delicious honeys are harvested and beautifully packaged by hand, individually numbered and revered for their unparalleled flavour - as genuine and passionate as the bees who produce them.

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