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Adoption & Rental Plans


From hotels, restaurants and dental practices, to golf courses, stately homes and head offices - our customers are doing their bit to help prevent the decline of the honeybee population with our adoption and on-site rental beehive plans - you're in good company when it comes to keeping bees for business:


Bees for Business doesn't just provide you with your own-brand, delicious honey, jarred and labelled by hand. Our customers also enjoy the myriad benefits of keeping bees for your business:

Unique and topical marketing and PR opportunities

A cost-effective corporate social responsibility solution with big impact

Playing an active role in supporting a critical environment cause, which both you and the bees benefit from

Immediate environmental impact

Opportunities for local community involvement

Feel-good stories for your social media campaigns

We do all the work for you!



By far our most popular option, if you love the idea of doing your bit for the environment and helping the honeybee, but at the same time don't have the space or capability to house beehives on your site, our annual Bees for Business Corporate Adoption Plans were created just for you!

Enjoy the unique and fulfilling experience of adopting a hive of bees for your business, whilst making a real difference to the environment, all without getting your hands sticky. 
Adopting one of our working beehives allows your business to make a very real and immediate difference to the environment. Honeybee populations are on the decline, and businesses like yours can help to reverse that. Share the experience of adopting a beehive with your whole team, knowing you're making a difference by working together



BABY BEE: just £250 per year, or £400 for 2 years



With our exclusive Baby Bee Corporate Adoption Plan you'll enjoy:

1 beautiful Bees for Business hive full of honeybees, installed here on our farm in Cambridgeshire

monthly licence-free video and photo updates on your bees

a gift-wrapped, personalised adoption certificate

2 large packets of our exclusive organic, bee-friendly flower seeds that you can plant in or around your office

8x 277ml jars of delicious, artisan raw honey, harvested and labelled by hand from your hive and delivered to your door

 plus treats with honey at their heart for you to share with your team 


QUEEN BEE: just £500 per year, or £850 for 2 years



 With our exclusive Queen Bee Corporate Adoption Plan plan you'll enjoy:

1 beautiful, hand crafted cedar wood hive full of honeybees, installed here on our farm in Cambridgeshire

• monthly licence-free video and photo updates on your bees

'Beekeeper for a Day' off-site experience for your team

a gift-wrapped, personalised adoption certificate

4 large packets of our exclusive, organic bee-friendly flower seeds for you to plant in or  around your office

 an adoption plaque featuring your logo on your hive

20x 277ml jars of delicious, artisan, raw honey harvested by hand from your hive, with the option of designing your own labels

 plus bakes and treats with honey at their heart that you can share with your team

 Customise your hives: we will colour-match your corporate colours and decorate our special custom hives to your specification for an all-inclusive additional price of just £150.



Adopt your very own beehives located at our organic farm and enjoy your own-brand honey.

Click here to download our free, detailed information guide, or contact the Bees for Business team today: or call 01778 487923





Rent our beautifully hand crafted cedar beehives and enjoy the many corporate, environmental, marketing and community benefits of bees...

A great addition to your environmental or community engagement program

No experience necessary - we either do all the work for you or provide full training

Free delivery and set up

Free advice for positioning your hive and looking after the bees

Why not keep your honey for employee rewards or corporate gifts, use in an on-site kitchen, or donate it to a community cause?

We'll first make a no-obligation visit to ensure you have a suitable place for the bees; there's almost always somewhere that the bees can be safely sited.


Then we'll deliver to you two beautifully, hand-crafted cedar wood hives, each complete with a colony of our honeybees.


We'll look after and maintain the hives on your behalf and provide you with a percentage of the honey; harvested, bottled and labelled by by hand and then delivered directly to you at the end of the season.

We'll regularly visit the hives throughout the year to check on them and provide a report for you so you can see what the bees have been up to; many of our clients like to share this information with their stakeholders and customers!

Watching the bees is both captivating and enjoyable and of course you can look forward to plenty of delicious honey, all whilst helping to support the immediate and wider environment and the honeybee population.


Rent your very own beehives located at your business and enjoy your own-brand honey from just £295.

Click here to download our free, detailed information guide, or contact the Bees for Business team today: or call 01778 487923