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Purveyors of the finest world-exclusive honey products. Without compromise or regard to cost, Bees & Co. products are renowned for being both innovative and of the finest quality. Each of our delicious honeys are harvested and beautifully packaged by hand, individually numbered and revered for their unparalleled flavour - as genuine and passionate as the bees who produce them.

We are ethical, artisan beekeepers, passionate about preserving the ancient art of beekeeping and honey harvesting, taking great attention to detail, quality and taste.

Honey & Honey Products

Many modern honeys are blended; a mixture of EU and non EU honeys, which are also pasteurised. The result is a mixed product, impossible for patrons to discern where the honey is from and robbed of its myriad natural health properties. 


Bees & Co. are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the finest, 100% British, 100% raw and 100% great tasting honeys. Nothing added, nor taken away - no pasteurisation nor blending - Bees & Co. honeys are simply filtered and jarred, retaining all the natural goodness and beneficial health properties. Our whole honeycomb frames are simply lifted straight from the hives and beautifully gift wrapped. It is this commitment to quality that makes Bees & Co. honey products truly, the finest natural preserve in the world.

Our products are available from selected retailers or explore our online Honey Library, which includes our exclusive, limited edition Black Gold exceptional honey.

Honeybee Adoption & Dedication Gift Sets

Give the unique gift of bees! Ideal for the person who has everything or the bee or honey lover in your life!

Adopt a single Buckfast honeybee or one of our handmade cedar wood beehives, situated here on our farm. A thoughtful gift or token of love, thanks or appreciation, our beautifully packaged adoption gift sets come with a personalised adoption certificate, a packet of our  organic, English bee-friendly flower seeds and a gift voucher for our online store - presented in a sturdy gift box, hand tied with our ribbon and sealed with our exclusive bee wax seal.

Our hive adoption gift sets also include an opportunity to visit your beehive.

Give a memorable gift, whilst making a positive impact on the environment by supporting us in reversing the decline of the honeybee. Gift sets available from selected retailers and in our online shop.

Health. Happiness. Honey.