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Client Resources

Press Release

Download this press release template to help promote the positive support you're providing for the environment and the honeybee. Send it to local, trade and national press and make sure to follow up with a phone call and some photos.

Let us know what coverage you receive and we'll share it, too!

Bespoke Honey Jar Labels

If you opted for our Queen Bee Corporate Adoption Plan and you'd like to have bespoke labels included on the jars when we harvest your hive's honey, featuring your logo and own text, for example, download these PDF label specification guidelines for the full design and print specifications.

You can also include an optional tamper-proof jar seal, which is placed on the lid and down the side of the jar to reassure recipients of your honey that it hasn't been opened. Download these PDF tamper-proof seal label specification guidelines for the full design and print specifications.

We can design your labels for you for a small additional charge of £30 per hour of design time, or you are welcome to follow the guidelines and email your design to us. There are no additional set up or labelling charges.