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   Artisan Honey - respect for our ancestors



Our honey products are 100% British, 100% raw and simply filtered, before being jarred. Every single jar is harvested, jarred, labeled and numbered by hand, true to the ancient artisan tradition of beekeepers. It is a slow and painstaking process but it is this attention to detail and our quest to use only the purest honey, that defines our brand by creating the finest oratory experiences.

  Quality Packaging - preserving the experience






Advocating luxury craftsmanship, our honey products are sold under our award-winning, ethical Bees & Co. brand. Synonymous with quality, our jars and labelling are unique, elegant and a true reflection of both our attention to detail and our desire to bring you only the finest products. All elements of our containers are recyclable: a wonderful feeling when you have finished our honey that you can treat yourself to more, with minimal impact on the environment. Our limited edition honeys are each numbered and sealed with wax by hand.                                                        

   Modern Technology - a world first for honey




Our beehives contain state of the art monitoring technology, which allows us to review the weight, internal temperature, humidity, apiary weather conditions and bee count for each hive. Not only does this provide us with critical information about each of the hives, home to our beloved bees, but offers our customers the ultimate product traceability: a world first for honey. Scan the barcode on our selected honey products to explore the geography of exactly where your delicious honey was created and fascinating statistics about the hive.