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Our Story

The Bees for Business story began on a small dilapidated farm nestled on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border with, at its heart, three friends driven by the same ethical and environmental passions. 


A combination of experience in both commercial beekeeping and the corporate sector seemed an unlikely pairing, however, with more organisations looking further afield for creative and alternative ways to express their corporate social responsibility and with a wider appreciation for environmental impact, the powerful concept of Bees for Business was born.

For thousands of years, the healing, health and culinary benefits of honey have been well-known. The Victorians considered honeybees, and their natural products, a key part of not just food and health, but of society.

By 1900 it is thought there were as many as 1 million beehives across the United Kingdom but by 2015, this number was as little as 270,000. 

It has been widely reported by the media that the honeybee population is increasingly under threat by disease, lack of pollen sources and chemicals, however, the real threat is surely a gradual decline in the awareness of the social importance of the bee: one third of the food we eat relies on pollination by the honeybee.

Bees for Business provide solutions to create positive results for honeybees, humans and the environment by allowing organisations across the country to adopt beehives on our organic farm, or adopt individual bees and beehives for unique corporate gifting. In each case clients enjoy all of the benefits of beekeeping but without any of the hard work!

As well as providing beehives for adoption, Bees for Business harvest and prepare some of the finest honey products, including jarred honey, whole honeycomb frames, beeswax products and beehive adoption plan gift sets, for recognisable and iconic brands across the UK, under the exclusive award-winning brand, Bees & Co.

Each jar of honey is harvested, jarred, labelled and numbered by hand true to our artisan bee master ancestors, truly dedicated to quality and preserving the natural properties of delicious, raw honey.

Known among corporate social responsibility and culture professionals as “the secret weapon in CSR” and within the catering and hospitality industry as “honey's best kept secret”, in 2017 Bees for Business launched a public campaign to raise awareness of the importance of the honeybee and encourage corporate responsibility in this area by dedicating to site a minimum of 20 new beehives each year over the next 5 years.

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