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Bees & Co. - Heavenly Heather British Honey

Bees & Co. - Heavenly Heather British Honey

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Without compromise or regard to cost, Bees & Co. products are renowned for being of the finest quality. Each of our delicious honeys are harvested and beautifully packaged by hand, individually numbered and revered for their unparalleled flavour.

Our Heavenly Heather British Honey has a strong and distinctive flavour, with a thick, luscious texture.

In the care of our ethical beekeepers, the honey is gathered by our treasured bees who forage on the picturesque heather-covered hills of southern Britain.

Bees & Co. are dedicated to bringing you nothing but the finest, 100% British, 100% raw and 100% great tasting honey. Nothing added, nor taken away - no pasteurisation nor blending: simply filtered and bottled, retaining all the natural goodness and beneficial health properties. It is this commitment to quality that makes Bees & Co. honey products truly, the finest natural preserve in the world, as recognised by an Ethical Company Award.

340g glass jar, featuring the iconic, artisan Bees & Co. packaging. Available in boxes of 12 jars.

A donation to The Just 1 Project is made from sales of certain honey products. Read more about our charity story here.